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CDBurnerXP – The Best Free CD/DVD Tool

Have you ever wanted to create a CD or DVD but were unsure of the best way to do it? Have you wished you could save a copy of a data DVD or CD to your computer, make a copy of a disc, or erase a rewritable CD or DVD? If so, this amazing free utility is the tool for you.

You can download CDBurnerXP free by clicking here [1]. The installation process is very simple and will add a program icon for CDBurnerXP to your start menu. Once you install and open CDBurnerXP, you’ll be greeted by the quick tools menu. From this menu you can:

If you double click any of the quick tasks, you’ll be presented with an interface to perform that function. Data disc opens up a window where you can easily select files to add to the DVD or ISO image you’re making. ISO images are entire CD/DVD’s stored as a single file on your hard drive which you can use to easily make an exact copy of the CD/DVD later.

Once you’ve added your files by clicking the + Add icon and selecting the files or going to the edit menu and clicking add folder, you can burn a CD/DVD or create an ISO. To burn a disc, click the burn icon, and to save an ISO of the files, go to file and select save compilation as ISO file. There is a bar on the bottom of the interface to show you how much space your files will take up so you don’t go over the space on your CD/DVD.

To create an audio CD playable in any CD player, you would select Audio disc. Once in the audio disc interface, you can press the + add button to add MP3 files to the list. You’ll see the song information contained in the MP3 file, along with the duration and time remaining on your CD. There is an integrated audio player you can use by double-clicking on any of the files you’ve added to make sure the song is the one you want to add. Once you’re ready to burn the CD, click burn.

Copy and Grab disc option allows you to make a copy of a CD/DVD easily, even if you have only one CD/DVD drive. Once you select Copy or grab disc, you’ll be presented with a menu to select your source DVD drive and pick the target. If you want to just make a copy of the disc in your drive, you won’t need to change any options here. Simply click copy disc, and the program will prompt you when to remove the CD/DVD you want to copy and put in a blank CD/DVD. You can also select to copy the disc to an ISO or MDS file on your hard drive by selecting hard disc.

There are many more advanced functions supported in CDBurnerXP, and there is a fantastic knowledge base and FAQ available by clicking here [2]. There isn’t much more you can ask for than a free, great CD burning utility, and I’ve got it installed on all of my computers, both at work and home.