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I just finished testing Celestia, a space simulation program, and boy do I feel small and insignificant!

Did you ever wish that you could fly through space? Take a closer look at the celestial bodies that majestically occupy our universe? From the surreal rings of Saturn to the minute detail of an impact creator on the surface of some moon, this week’s download will not only take you there, but you’ll be arriving in style.

Celestia is a real time space exploration program that allows a user to fly through the universe viewing anything they want in stunning detail that rivals that of a Hollywood production. You can select planets, moons or anything in the solar system, for that matter, and pivot, spin and zoom in and out, all with a few mouse clicks or keyboard strokes.

Celestia is an unbelievable training aid for anyone interested in learning more about the universe we live in. The creators of Celestia have gone to great effort to keep the program scientifically accurate so that you, the user, get an authentic real to life experience.

Add Ons [1]

Although Celestia is a terrific program on its own, I believe the thing that pushes it over the top is its add ons, which are additional programs you can pick ala-carte to download and install from some of their support sites. These add ons range from awesome educational tours through space to new content, such as new planets and even spacecrafts. Of course, they also have Star Trek and Star Wars add ons to add validity to the whole thing. These are the real meat and potatoes of the program, in my opinion. User created models that really add life to your Celestia install.

Celestia can take a little time to get the hang of, but you usually find that with more robust programs. Luckily, however, the site has some great resources that you can use to help you figure out any aspect of the program and how to use it.

Manual: There is a comprehensive manual you can download that will discuss all the ins and outs of the program. Things like how to navigate through the solar system, how to change settings and how to use the tools in order to better command your experience. Those are but a few of the things discussed in the manual. There is even a “Getting Started” guide that will help you get ahold of the program’s concept a little better and gain a better understanding of what exactly to expect for in Celestia.

Forum: They have over 4,600 members on their message board, which covers almost every imaginable topic under the sun. If you need help with an add on, come out here. If you would like to see how to use this as an educational tool, go to the forum. If you don’t see a posting for something you’re interested in, simply start a new thread and someone will answer you shortly.


If you are interested in downloading this fantastic program, you may want to look over the system requirements, especially if your PC is over three years old. Things just might not work right.

You can get your copy of Celestia now and join the over 2.7 million people in over 25 countries traversing our solar system.

You can download Celestia here.

Hope you enjoy!

~ Chad Stelnicki