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Cell Phone As Hotspot?

David asks:

Can I use my cell phone (not a smartphone) as a router for my Kindle Fire HDX (WiFi only) to get on the Internet when not in a WiFi location? I have an LG phone, circa 2009, with Bluetooth and Internet capability. I can’t figure out the model # of the LG (it’s a flip type, like a Star Trek communicator), otherwise I’d give you that too.

Hi David!

Cell phones can be set up to provide wireless access similar to a router, although when they provide this, they are generally called a “hotspot”.

I cannot say for certain if your particular phone can be turned into a mobile hotspot, but the best way to find out is to contact your cellular network provider and ask. As you mention it is not a smartphone, you may not be able to use it. Also keep in mind this service is generally an additional charge on your monthly cell phone bill, as well, and will make use of your data plan. If you have data plan limits, keep an eye on the amount you are using to avoid additional charges.

– Audra