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Cell Size and Scale

Have you ever wondered how big a cell is? Or perhaps you’ve been curious as to how big a molecule of water is? Well not only does this site answer those questions, but it also depicts the size of things like that on a visual scale.

Beneath the scale you’ll find information about the different sizes of cells and why some cells are visible to the naked eye and some are only visible through a microscope’s lens.

To use the scale all you have to do is slide the grey button across the sliding bar and the image above will zoom in until you reach the tiniest representation on it – the carbon atom.

It is really neat to see these represented at scale among other items so that you can really get a grasp for how large or small they are. The scale starts with things that are visible to the naked eye like Times New Roman (a 12 point font), a coffee bean, grain of rice, sesame seed, grain of salt, and then barely visible (at least to me) an amoeba proteus.

In the top left corner of the scale is a graph that shows what size things are and gets smaller and smaller as you zoom in. It starts at 1mm and scales down to 100pm.

I think this would be a fun site to share with kids to get them interested in Science. Go check it out today

http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/begin/cells/scale/ [1]