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Centennial Light Bulb Cam

Check out this awesome Guinness World Record holding light bulb! Located in Livermore, California this light bulb has been burning since 1901, with a brief six hour outage due to a failed power supply, the light bulb is still burning today!

On your visit you can check out the main page where you’ll find a tantalizing set of tidbits about the longest burning bulb. Above that, there is a navigation strip with the menu options of Home, Facts, Video, Articles, Celebrations, Awards, Arts, Friends, and more. If you mouse over them there are drop down links that will take you directly to the content you’ve selected. 

I started my visit out in the Facts section because I wanted to learn all about how this light bulb has been burning all this time. I discovered it’s history, how they proved it was the world’s longest burning bulb, and even which other light bulbs are its closest competitors. 

To see pictures from the BulbCam head on over here [1].  It shows images snapped from various times from the bulb’s history since they added a BulbCam. To check out the BulbCam, go here [2]. Scroll down to the bottom of that page to check out images from the Photo Galleries. 

This is an amazing light bulb with a whole site dedicated to it! Check out the Centennial Bulb today!

http://ww [3]w.centennialbulb.org/index.htm [3]