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Center Stage

Center Stage

Ever have something to print from MS Excel that was just too small? Was it all cramped up in the top left hand corner?

Wish you could find a quick and easy way to center the printout on the page (without moving that data all around the worksheet?)

Rub the monitor three times and poof! Your wish is my command.

Centering Excel data is just a few clicks away.

To begin, you need to open the file (of course) and be on the worksheet to be printed.

Next, go to the Page Setup window. (There are several ways to get there. One of them is through the File menu, Page Setup choice. Another way, if you’re already in the Print Preview window, is to click on the Setup button).

Now, select the Margins tab.

At the very bottom of the tab, look for the Center on Page section.

In this section, you’re given two choices. You can choose to center horizontally and/or vertically by checking the appropriate box(es).

(Pay attention to the small preview in the upper section. It will change to reflect your choice).

Click OK when you’re done.

Now, if only all wishes could be fulfilled so quickly!

~ April