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Center Titles in Open Office Calc

I see this all the time at school – students are forever giving me tables set up in spreadsheets where the table title is either left justified over the table columns or placed haphazardly “sort-of” in the center of the table. They just love to try to center titles by using a bunch of spaces or by putting the title in a cell that’s as close as they could get.

Either way it just looks wrong to me – especially when centering information over several columns is so very simple to do!

If this is you then you’re going to love this trick.

Before we start let me issue a warning… sometimes after cells have been merged into one certain actions will cause a problem with it… so I always wait and center up my titles after I’ve put everything together.

With that said, let’s get started.

The first thing I do is to enter my text in the left-most used column just above the table. (I like the text in the cell before I merge so that I can see the changes as I make them… it’s not mandatory to start with the text it’s just my preference.)

Now select all the cells in the row where you want your text centered.


From here we’re off to the Formatting Toolbar and we’re looking for two buttons:


Click each one – order doesn’t matter you just need them both to complete a merge and center. (OpenOffice doesn’t have a single button to do this so we need to do each step separately.)


What was “off” looking is now beautifully placed over your information.


Time to format text and really make it shine!

~ April