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Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum


In my Civil War class this semester, we talked a lot about the building of the railroad across the country so, when I stumbled on this photo museum, I knew I had to share it with you.

To get started, click where it says to Click to Enter, be prepared for the very red background on the next page. The first time I clicked to enter it was a shock to my eyes, but they adjusted quickly and the content is so worth it.

For those of you with slower connections, if you click the Faster button, it will change the images to smaller versions so the page loads faster. If you decide you want the bigger images just click Larger to change it back.

You’ll start on the History section, just scroll down to read all about the history of the railroad. After you know the history, I’d recommend just clicking Exhibits on the navigation strip near the top of the page, and diving right into the photographs. Once you’re in the Exhibits section, just click the title next to any of the sections to explore it more fully. The images provide a look back into our history that we can only imagine today.


As you’re clicking through the various sections of this site, you’ll notice that buttons the navigation menu change. Make sure you don’t miss out on exploring the map section. You know I love maps! I couldn’t let you miss them! I got to maps by exploring the Exhibits, then clicking Chinese and learning about what the Chinese immigrants contributed to the building of the railroad, and then I clicked Maps!


If you have any questions, make sure you make a stop in the FAQ. There is a lot of information to be gathered there. I found the FAQ worth a visit just on an educational level.

This site provides an interesting look into not only how the railroad was built, but at an integral part of the United States past. Check it out today!

http://cprr.org/ [1]