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CES 2010 Televisions

If there was one thing that stood out the most at CES this year, it was TVs. Every major manufacturer was there showing off their new technologies. Just when you thought that television had reached its highest quality with HD content, the TV manufacturers come and change things completely. It seems that TV is not just for movies and shows any more. This year will show that the TV and the computer are coming closer and closer together.

Internet Content On TV

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For those of you wondering why Worldstart (a computer newsletter) is talking about TVs, this is why: New TVs are bringing some very common internet content directly into your living room. Almost every manufacturer of LCD TVs at the show was introducing and showing their internet capable TVs. These new displays will connect to the internet through your WIFI connection and provide you with content such as videos, photos and TV shows directly from the internet.


I’m sure that many of you have seen or heard of movies in 3D. This concept has been around for a long time and has made a come back in theatres. You wear 3D glasses and the images pop out as if they were in the room with you. Well, this concept is now coming to TV. Every major TV maker had new HDTVs out that display 3D content. Just like HD television, 3D content will need to filmed with special cameras. You will also need a 3D enabled TV and glasses to see it. Otherwise, it looks blurry.

Thin, Thin, Thin…

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Even with all of this new technology inside, TVs continue to get thinner. Some TVs using LED backlighting (right) are available now. These TVs are usually about as thick as your finger. Some of the new technology that uses Organic LED displays (AMOLED) (left) are less than half the size. These TVs are also available, but still very expensive. The AMOLED technology is also being developed for use in flexible displays like ID cards that will show an animated image of your face.

As I’m sure you can see, TV technology continues to progress very quickly. Keep your eyes out this year for all of these new technologies showing up in stores near you!