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CES 2012 : A TV Tech Update

This year at the Las Vegas Annual Consumer Electronics show (CES), TV Technology is everywhere, and it seems that this year’s models can do just about anything you can imagine. They have super high definition, super thin dimensions and super computing technology. While previous years have shown all of these things, this years’ models bring TV tech to a whole new dimension.

OLED Giants

When talking about TVs, usually you hear about LED, LCD and Plasma. Well, there is another type out there that has previously been restricted to smaller formats. This “other” type of TV is called OLED. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. These TVs are super thin, super bright and use much less energy. The picture you see above is the largest OLED TV available. Its a monster and it’s beautiful. Below is a picture from the side so you can see how thin it is.

Glasses Free 3D

It’s finally here!

For 2 years now, CES has been full of 3d TVs that require glasses. This year isn’t much different in terms of TVs that will actually be for sale, but there areĀ greenerĀ pastures ahead! More than one manufacturer at this years CES was showing off glasses free 3D tech. These TVs look pretty decent without glasses and will be awesome when they are actually available for consumers. One downside, however, is that it’s impossible to take a picture of 3D. For now, you’ll just have to take my word for it.


Everyone has heard of 1080P HDTV at this point. 1080 is the number of lines you will find in a high definition TV… for now. The new HD is coming and it is being called 4K TV. As I’m sure you can guess, 4K stands for 4 thousand lines of video. Compared to 1080, it is amazing. These 4k TVs are still prototypes at this point, and the estimated starting price is astronomical. Additionally, 4k technology could be a tough sell, seeing that all TV networks have just finished converting to our current HDTV tech.

Smart TVs of the Future

Well, the term “smart TV” has been around for a few years, but now it’s starting to get interesting. From TVs with fully integrated touch screens, to TVs with apps, browsers and cameras, smart TVs are going to be part of every new TV very soon.

Nearly every manufacturer has smart TV tech built into their TVs. They all have web browsers, Facebook, twitter and many many apps. Others have gone crazy with integration and have partnered with providers such as Google to make the software that their TV runs.

If you have read my previous year’s TV tech reviews, you know that I have not been so impressed by what was presented. Previous year’s offerings seemed like a gimmick. They tried to push 3d tech that wasn’t quite ready for prime time and smart TV tech that still needed work. Well, I am happy to report that this year is different. The products that are going to be available this year for purchase seem much more solid. On top of all of that, the prototypes for future models are exactly what I envision when I think about the future of TVs