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Change Case Function in MS Excel

We all know that Word and PowerPoint have the Change Case feature. It’s an extremely useful tool, so much so that there are times when working in Excel I find myself wishing it was there too.

I realize that Excel really isn’t meant for a lot of text but there are times when you just can’t get around it.

At any rate, if you’ve ever wished for something with similar abilities to the Change Case function while working in Excel then I’ve got some good news for you…

There is something we can do to change text formatting – but of course, since we’re working with Excel, it’s all about the formula you use.

Without delay here they are:

=UPPER(textlocation) returns all uppercase text.

=LOWER(textlocation) returns all lowercase text.

=PROPER(textlocation) returns all text with the first letter of each word as uppercase and all other characters as lowercase.

While they may not be as easy as the quick Change Case work you can do in the other programs, they certainly will get the job done without a lot of extra editing for you.