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Change Date Format in Word 2007

Did you give yesterday’s Date Picker feature for MS Word 2007 a try?

I know that I really love the idea… especially for templates.

Anyway, as I was working with the Date Picker I noticed, as I’m sure so did you, that the date is formatted in a way that I would rarely use…


This leads me to wonder how I can change that.

So, as expected, I went searching for an answer.

And… after many failed attempts with right-clicks and whatnot I finally took a good look at the Controls section of the Developer tab of the Ribbon.


Guess what?

There’s a Properties button that becomes active when I have the Date Picker selected.

Clicking the Properties button gave me just what I was looking to find… Imagine that?


As you can see in the center area you do have a choice as to how the date is formatted.

Pick one and click OK.

Yeah! I mean I thought that this little gem had a lot of potential to begin with but now I find it even more useful that I did before.

~ April