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Change the email font in AOL

Lil from MI asks: I use AOL. I would like to set my font size to be larger on Emails. Every time I write an email I must set it larger manually. Please tell me how I can correct this problem. It always goes back to the smaller setting.

Yes, there is a way to keep your font the same size while writing an email without having to change it back every time you hit the space bar, enter, or another key.

1. Login to AOL and find the Settings Link located at the top of the screen on the right hand side.


Next, scroll to the Compose link and find “Default Font and Color”. Click the second drop down box, and pick the font size you would like to use for your default font. These sizes range from 8pt to 36 pt. The first down drop box is for the font itself and there are nine of those available. The third drop down box is for the colors; there is a preview text box to show the effects.


When you are finished testing the effects, click on the Save button to save the changes you have made.

Now, go to the Compose or Write button to test the changes you have made. I have set mine to Font Comic Sans MS Font Size 14 pt and Color royal blue. Your effects should show up as you type an email.

That is it!

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