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Change “HD READY” to HD

Jim from Illinois writes:

I have an second TV set that is “HD READY”. What do I need to equip it to receive HD programs? Thanks!

Hi, Jim.  Thanks for the question.

At a guess, I’m going to say that this TV is about five years old?  I ask because I so rarely see that any more.

As it happens, I was in electronics sales when the whole HDTV thing started, so this phrase was a part of my job.  The deal is that, when HDTV first started coming out, the sets were EXPENSIVE.  One plasma that I sold was $7000.  So manufacturers, wanting to sell as many TV’s as they could, started looking for ways to manufacture TV’s that wouldn’t be as expensive as a full HDTV set.

One of the ways that they did was to sell sets called “enhanced standard definition”.  These sets cost much less than HD sets, but slightly more than “standard” standard definition sets, and could tune the HD broadcasts and present them in widescreen format – but NOT in HD.  They would down convert the signal to standard def so that they didn’t have to put the vastly more expensive HD panels in them.

They also utilized progressive scanning rather than interlaced scanning and had resolution up to 576 pixels (vs. 480 for “standard” standard def) so they had a clean, pretty picture.

Your television set, labeled “HD ready” was another way to cut costs.

These TV’s were really more monitor than television, because they didn’t have an integrated HD tuner, so they require an external tuner (such as a cable or satellite box) in order to receive programming.

So the short answer to your question is this… in order to turn your HD-ready set into an HD set, simply hook it to an HD receiver or Blu-ray player and you’re ready to go!

Hope that this helps.

~Randal Schaffer