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Change Outlook Calendar Font

Do you use the Calendar portion of MS Outlook?

Are you one of those people who feel the need for everything to look “just so”?

I know that I am… if there’s a color, font or whatever type of setting I can manage then I do. I just like things to be pleasing to my eyes. After all, with the amount of time I spend working on computers I certainly like to make it a pleasant experience, even if it is through simple things like font and color choices.

Anyway, here’s one for your Outlook calendar.

While there are lots of functional things we’ve investigated this one’s purely aesthetic.

Unknown to many, you can control the font that Outlook uses in your calendar. The font for the day, date and time labels as well as the appointment information.

To do this we need to get to the calendar’s Format Day/Week/Month View dialog box.

To get there we need to right-click over the calendar and choose Other Options from the bottom portion of the list.

A dialog box something like this one will open. (My older version of Outlook had day and week views separate while this dialog box, from Outlook 2007, has them together.)


Simply click the Font button for the type of calendar view you’d like to alter.

You’ll get your basic Font dialog box where you can make changes.


When you’re done click the OK to exit the Font dialog box and then OK again to exit out of the Format Day/Week/Month View dialog box.

And that’s it. You’ll find that your calendar now uses the font of your choosing. It’s not practical or increasing my efficiency but… it just makes me happy to see things that use a stylish font.

Yeah, I know, completely superficial!

~ April