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Change PowerPoint’s Opening Display

Ever open a PowerPoint presentation from someone else only to find yourself looking at way too much information?

You’ve got the thumbnails, the notes and the slide.

Or, maybe you’re looking at the slide and the outline… too bad you don’t like the outline and prefer the thumbnails. So, where are they?

Well, you could go through the hassle of resetting the view each time you open a file that wasn’t originally yours… or… you could just set PowerPoint to open every presentation exactly the way you want to see it.

So, if you’re interested then we’ll need to start in the PowerPoint Options.

For older versions of PowerPoint we need the Tools menu, Options choice.

In the Options dialog box you need to navigate to the View tab and find the Default View field.

PowerPoint 2007 users need to use the Office Button, PowerPoint Options button.

Once in the Options dialog box we need the Advanced category, Display section.

Here you need to locate the drop-down list “Open all documents using this view“.

At this point we all have the same choices:


Choose the view you want to see every time you open a presentation and click OK.

And that’s it… upon opening a presentation you’ll find displayed not too much and not too little information… everything will be “just right”.