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Change the Default Font Size in Windows Live Mail

I use Windows 7, with Windows Live Mail. Can you tell me how to reset the default font size?

Resetting default font sizes for reading e-mails:

We recently covered resetting fonts to default settings for composing e-mails within Windows Live Mail (see earlier tip here [1]). Unfortunately, performing those steps will only change the way in which the messages you compose are displayed. If you wish to change the default font size for received e-mails, you will need to perform the following steps:

Whether due to user error, or a bug in the program, Windows Live Mail may, at times, begin to exhibit inexplicably strange behavior. Case in point: spontaneous changes in font size display when reading or composing e-mails. While this type of problem can be ignored when the changes are very minor, such as a font size change of +/- 1pt, when your e-mail messages start to all display in 72pt or 2pt sizes, you will probably agree that something needs to be done to fix it ASAP. If you too are suffering from a font size issue, read on for a (sort of quick) fix for your size problems:

Open Windows Live Mail and click the Windows Live Mail blue file icon in the upper left corner. In the fly out menu which appears, mouse over/click the Options icon. The Windows Live Mail program options submenu will appear.

Click the Mail icon. The main Windows Live Mail Option dialog box will appear.

Under the Read tab, click the Fonts button. The Fonts displayed e-mails font options dialog box will appear.

While some installations of Windows Live Mail may default to slightly different settings, in general the setting the following options in the Fonts dialog box will return the Windows Live Mail displayed messages to their English default settings look:

Select Western European in the Font Settings list.

Select Segoe UI from the Proportional font: drop down list.

Select Courier New from the Fixed-width font: drop down list.

Select Medium from the Font size: drop down list.

Select Western European (Windows) from the Encoding: drop down list.

Click the Set as Default button under the Default encoding setting.

Click the OK button. The Fonts options dialog box will close.

Click the OK button in the Options dialog box to close it as well, you will be taken back to your Inbox.

Double click any message in your Inbox. Your e-mail messages should now be displaying in a more normal, default manner. If you still do not like how your received messages look, repeat the steps above but change the different options in the displayed e-mails font options dialog box until you find a messages display that works best for you.

~J. Conboy