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Change the Default Font Size When Composing in Windows Live Mail

I use Windows 7, with Windows Live Mail. Can you tell me how to reset the default font size?

Resetting default font sizes for composing e-mails:

We recently covered resetting fonts to default settings for reading e-mails within Windows Live Mail (see earlier tip here [1]). Unfortunately, performing those steps will only change the way in which the messages you read and receive are displayed. If you wish to change the default font size for e-mails which you compose, you will need to perform the following steps:

Once again, open the Windows Live Mail Option dialog box found under the blue file icon menu. The directions for this can be found in the earlier tip [1].

Click the Compose tab.

Under the Compose Font options, click the Font Options button under the Mail: option.

A Font options dialog box will appear.

Set the following font options:

Select Calibri from the Font: selection list.

Select Regular from the Font style: selection list.

Select 12 from the Size: selection list.

Under Effects, be sure Strikeout and Underline are left unchecked.

Select Black from the Color: selection list.

Click OK to set your re-set font display options and close the Font options dialog box.

Click the OK button in the Options dialog box to close it, you will be taken back to your Inbox.

Create a new message and type a few words in the blank e-mail composition box which appears.

Your email messages should once again display normally when you compose them. As with the read mail font settings, if you are not satisfied with the message compositions’ default font settings, play with the options, until you come across the combination which suits you best.

Now that you have reset the global font settings in Windows Live Mail for both message reading and composition, you should no longer have any font size issues to deal with upon starting Windows Live Mail, until the program decides to get buggy again.

~J. Conboy