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Change the Default Text Wrap Settings in Word

MS Word: Why Does Inserting A Picture Always Cause Such a Mess?

Okay, so maybe it’s not a complete “mess”, but if you’re not familiar with the interactions of text and pictures in a Word document then, it probably feels that way to you.

After you insert a picture, you suddenly find yourself looking at this great big huge gap between two lines of text where the picture now sits.

You may even try to move the picture around and yet you still have the “gap”.

Well, if you take a close look at the placement of the picture, you’ll find that it actually has text lined up with the bottom of it… as though it’s on the line with the text… which of course it is.

By default,Word inserts pictures “In line with text”. It becomes a part of the line, so the spacing must be adjusted between the current line and the one above so that the picture fits.

Therefore you get the “mess”.

I’m sure by now you’ve found the wrapping options and adjusted the situation to a more suitable look, but aren’t you tired of making the same old changes over and over again?

If you feel that this isn’t what you want to happen every time you insert a picture, let’s take a look at how we can change the default way that Word wraps text around a newly inserted picture…

We need to start out in the Options dialog box. (Office Button / File tab, Options choice)

Once there we need to go to the Advanced category of options.


Under the Cut, copy and paste section you need to locate the Insert/paste pictures as option.

When you click the down arrow, a list of text wrapping choices will appear.

Choose your preferred wrapping type then click OK.

That’s it.

Your pictures will now come into your file with the text wrapped as you chose.

Does it mean that you’ll never have to adjust the wrapping again?

No… not unless you never plan to use any other wrapping style… but it should mean that the amount of time you spend changing the wrapping style is dramatically reduced.

That’s progress in my book!

~ April