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Change the Icon Size in the Vista Start Menu

Elaine from Dallas, Texas, asks:

I had small icons in my WinXP menu. Is there any way to get them in my Vista Start menu?

Hi, Elaine! Yes, there sure is. And it’s pretty easy, too.

To get small icons in your Start menu in Vista:

First, go to your Start button and right-click on it. Left click on Properties.

A dialog box will pop up that says Task Bar and Start Menu Properties across the top. When you look at the top of the box, there are two menus to choose from: Start Menu and (directly underneath) the Classic Menu option. The first option (Start Menu) is the one that you want; click the radio button to the left of it and then left-click on Customize (it’s to the right of it).

You are now looking at a new dialog box that says Customize Start Menu across the top. In the white box that is displayed, go all the way to the bottom entry, which is Use Large Icons. Uncheck the box. Click on OK.

You will now see the first dialog box again. Click on Apply, and then click on OK.

The results:

Note: Notice the top of both panes; the small icons reduced the text of the top 2 entries by omitting the description, i.e. omitted Internet for Mozilla Firefox and E-mail for Microsoft Outlook.

How easy was that?

Thanks for writing, Elaine!

~ Lori Cline