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Change Where thunderbird Puts Email

You can save space on your C drive by moving your Thunderbird email storage folder to another drive or partition.

First, you need to find out where the folder is hiding. Go to Tools/Account Settings and click on “Local Folders”. You’ll see the location under “Message Storage” where it says “Local directory”. The path will look something like this…

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\ApplicationData\Thunderbird\Profiles\ID #\Mail\Local Folders

Note that the “ID #” folder above will probably be a folder that uses an alphanumeric code for it’s name.

Find your way to the folder and Copy (Ctrl+C) “Local Folders”. *Notice I said COPY not cut—we want to verify that everything is OK before deleting the original. Open the drive or partition where you want to move the folder to then Paste (Ctrl+V).

Go Back to the Local Directory path box and click the “Browse” button. Navigate your way to the copied folder then click OK. Close Thunderbird then re-open. Go back to Local Folders and make sure that the local Directory is in the new location.


If so, you can go back and delete the old folder from your C drive.

Hurray for more free space on the main drive!

~ David

David Samuel Thomas