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Change XP User picture

Is there a way to change the picture that appears when I log on to my XP computer? I don’t want a stupid rubber ducky as my picture.

But Ernie says they make bath time so much fun. OK, how about a chess set? A sunflower? No? How about any picture from your hard drive? Now we’re talkin’.

Go to Start/Control Panel then “User Accounts”. Select your account then click “Change your picture”.

You’ll get a window with about two dozen pics to choose from. See one you like? Then click it and click the “Change Picture” button.


You’d rather use your own picture? Then click the magnifying glass that says “Browse for more pictures”. This should open up your “My Pictures” folder. Click a picture you like then click the “Open” button and it will change your picture.

You can close out the window by clicking the X in the upper right corner.

Now when you log on you’ll be greeted with something that fits your personality (like a pigeon, eh Bert).

~ David

David Samuel Thomas