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Change your Defaults in Word 2007

I’m sure that you’ve noticed how the default settings in Word 2007 have changed from previous versions – specifically, and most noticeable, is the change in the default font – but there’s also been some changes to line spacing and space has been added after paragraphs.

If you’re longing for the old Word defaults… or maybe even one that you had put together yourself, then you’ll be happy to read what I’ve got for you today.

Changing these defaults is really a breeze – once you know where to they are, and… fortunately for all of us they’re in a single location, so let’s go find it.

You first need to open Styles pane. The quickest way there is probably the dialog box launcher located in the bottom right corner of the Styles section on the Home tab.


At this point we’re looking to click the Manage Styles button. It’s at the bottom and looks like this:


Once in the Manage Styles dialog box you need to click to the Set Defaults tab.


Here you’ll find that you can change settings for font as well as paragraphs and line spacing.

Make the changes you deem necessary then make a choice at the bottom of where to apply the new defaults. (“Only in this document” vs. “New documents based on this template“)

Once everything is exactly as you want it click the OK button.

Voila! The defaults are now your choices – not someone else’s.

~ April