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Change your desktop

Help! I’ve been staring at the same boring Windows XP desktop image for months. How can I change it?

It’s really not that hard at all…

The fastest and easiest way I’ve found is to right-click on your desktop and select Properties . From the resulting window, choose the Display tab.

Scroll through the list of images the Windows XP people kindly provided and preview them in the top of the window.


Feel free to change the “Position” from Stretch (one big picture) to Tile (many little pictures) to Center (one small picture centered a hand picked color filling in the background).

Now, if you want to use a picture that you have scanned in and saved on your computer, simply click the Browse button and an “Open” window will appear. It will default to your My Documents/My Pictures folder, but you can browse through other folders via the Look in: box at the top.


Once you have found the picture you want, click on it and then click the Open button. This will take you back to the Display Properties window and you should see a neat-o preview of your new desktop. When you have things looking just like you want them, click Apply and presto-o-change-o, you have a new desktop!