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Change your Pointer

In Windows XP I’ve seen pointers that turn into cute little dinosaurs, musical instruments- all sorts of things. How do you do that?

It’s really not hard at all. Plus it’s a fun way to make waiting for things to load more bearable.

In Win XP, you’ll first go to the Start menu, then the Control Panel .

Click on Appearance and Themes under “Pick a Category“.


Next, click on Mouse Pointers . (This option is under “See Also”).


Now you’ll be in the Mouse Properties window. Click on the tab called Pointers . At the top you’ll see options under Scheme ; click on the drop-down arrow to look at the different ones available. Once you click on a Scheme, you can see a preview of what the pointer will look like by clicking under Customize .


Once you decide on a Scheme, click OK and Voila! You’ve customized your mouse pointer!

While Windows Vista and 7 users don’t have all the fun pointers, they can get to the same place by pressing Start and typing “Pointers” in the Search Bar. Then just select “Change how the mouse pointer looks“.