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Change Your Search Companion

Change Your Search Companion

If you search for a file in XP you’ll notice the little dog at the bottom. Rover is there to help you sniff out files you need. Well, what if you don’t want him sniffing around? Maybe you’re a cat person. Did you know you can change the Search Companion? Here’s how…

Go to Start/Search and click “Change Preferences”. If you don’t want any character, choose “without an animated screen character”. If you want to use a different search companion choose “With a different character”. Scroll through by clicking “Next” and you’ll meet Links the Cat, Merlin, Courtney, and Earl to name a few. Some companions are only available if you have certain software installed (unfortunately—you must have MS Office to get Links the Cat)


Find one you like? Then click OK .

There you have it. Who knew that making new friends was so easy.

~ David