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Changing a Maximized Window

Carl from CA asks:

Help! I have a program that starts out full screen, but when I hit the little button to make it go back to normal size, it refuses to shrink. Sure, the button changes from the double-squares to a single square, but it doesn’t make my window any smaller. Is there something wrong with my software?

The little button you’re referring to is the Maximize button. One click will make the window full screen, click it again and it goes back to it’s “normal” size.

The problem is some programs use full screen for their normal size, or they use the last size the window was when it was closed (in this case, maximized). Either way, when you click the little button, nothing seems happen on the screen.

As for a solution, there is none.

Kidding! 😉

When the window is in a “normal” state (the Max button shows one box), just grab the lower right hand corner of the window with your mouse and drag it inward.

Your window will resize, your bills will be paid, world peace will become a reality, and you’ll win the lottery. OK, maybe not, but your window will be the size you want.

~ Steve