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Changing Folder Icons in Windows 7

Lis asks:

I can’t change my folder icons in Windows 7, like I used to in earlier versions of Windows. When I right click on the folder and select Properties, the only tabs showing are, General, Sharing, Security, and Previous Version. There’s no Customize tab.

Lis, I believe this is because you’re in the Documents Library view. Changing the view should bring you back to familiar territory. You can get there by right clicking on the folder and, rather than selecting Properties, click on Open folder location (it should be just above Properties).

Much of the following will be familiar to WorldStart readers but, as long as we were on the subject…..

Now, you should be able to right click your way to something more recognizable, by selecting Properties as you would normally.

Then, in the Properties dialog box, under the Customize tab, click the Change Icon button.

In the Change Icon dialog box, select an Icon and click OK. Back in Properties, click Apply and OK.

And your new icon should appear on your folder. Although, I hope you’re able to come up with more creative folder names than the ones I use.

If there’s nothing in the Windows icon library that appeals to you, see this WorldStart tip [1], for a look at how to find unique folder and shortcut icons.

Thanks for the question, Lis.