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Changing ISP: How To Forward E-Mail

Roy from Texas writes:

I am considering changing my ISP which will change my email address. I know I can notify all my mail contacts but there are other places, all of which I probably don’t know. Is there an easy way to redirect mail to my new provider until I get everyone notified?


One of the problems with keeping your e-mail with your internet service provider (ISP), is that if you decide to switch you’ll lose your e-mail address and no one will be able to contact you. This is one of the reasons I recommend never using the free e-mail provided by your ISP. If you use a third party service such as GMail, Yahoo Mail or iCloud, then your email isn’t tied to your provider. Change jobs? Move? Get a better rate at another provider? your e-mail moves with you. If you are stuck changing from your ISP’s e-mail you can, as Roy states, notify all of of your contacts of the new address but is there an easy way to forward all of your mail? Let’s look at the two best options available.

Request an e-mail forward: You can call your ISP’s technical support department and find out if there is an option to forward your mail from your old address to the new one once you’ve closed your account. Some providers permit you to have an e-mail forward even after your account has been deactivated, while others will tell you once the account is closed the e-mail address is gone.

Keep ISP account open: Another option is to keep your provider’s account open and setup a free service such as G-mail to automatically check your old providers e-mail box and respond to all of the e-mails with a form that tells them you’re address is changed and will deactivate by a certain date. This option works well, but will require you to keep paying for the old service so long as you want the address to work. Instructions on how to add an e-mail box to Gmail are available here [1]. Instructions on how to set up an auto reply (you can use the vacation autoresponder) are available here [2].