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Changing Text Cases in OpenOffice

We’ve all done it… we’re typing a document, moving along at a great pace. We do the quick glance at the screen to verify that everything is as we thought it should be, and much to our horror, we find that somewhere along the way the Caps Lock key was bumped and now we have a lot of text in all caps.

Now what?

We can’t leave it that way and I certainly am not looking forward to retyping the information…and fortunately we don’t have to.

What we need is the Change Case feature.

This handy little gem will switch already typed text from upper to lower and back again with just a quick click.

Now I know you must be interested in this one as an addition to your “just in case” set of skills. (Pun intended :)

Here’s how it works.

If you need to switch the case of a single word, simply place your cursor anywhere in the word or, for more than a single word, select all the text to be affected.

At this point, we’re off to the Format menu.

About a third of the way down, you’ll find the Change Case choice.


When you go to the sub-menu you’ll see that there are two simple choices…

-Change all selected text to lower case

-Change all selected text to upper case

Make your selection and poof!

The selected text is now in the format of your choosing, and it didn’t take even a single character being retyped to get the job done!

~ April