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Changing the Look of Your Boot Screen

Robin from St. Paul, Minnesota writes:

The other day I was over at a friend’s house and when she started her computer it had a really pretty screen before the Windows screen – do you know what I’m talking about? Where can I get something like that?

Well, Robin, I do know what you’re talking about, and I can show you how to get it to come up instead of the other boring black one (I think it’s pretty, too).





(Note: My Aurora bootscreen looks like the one above; there may be slight differences with the other versions of Vista. The one I have is Vista Home Premium.)

I don’t know why Windows just didn’t put this on Vista in the first place. It’s a hidden bootscreen (Shh! Don’t tell anyone about it because you might like it better and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have it) that you can activate by doing a couple of really easy things. And here they are:

First, go to Start, and then click on Run.


In the box that pops up, type in msconfig and click on OK.


The box that pops up will have 5 tabs across the top. Click on the one that says Boot. Put a checkmark in the box to the left of No GUI boot. Click on Apply. Click on OK. Then reboot.


Now you can reboot. If you want to wait until later, than just click on Exit without Restart; the computer will save your changes.

If you do decide to reboot, then click on (obviously) Restart.


Now when you reboot, you are no longer stuck with a boring black screen with that bar loading. You will have a boot screen that looks like this (I’m going to show you it again because it is a lot prettier):


There you go, Robin! Lots better, huh?

One added note: If you feel like you would like to go back to the default black box, go through all of the steps again, only this time (after you type in msconfig and click on OK), uncheck the box next to No GUI boot. Click on Apply, and then OK. Reboot. Your old familiar black screen will load instead of the hidden (Shh! I’m serious, don’t tell!) Aurora bootscreen.

Thanks for writing, Robin!

~ Lori Cline