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Changing Windows Explorer Default View

Ru from Kings Park, NY asks:

How do you make “List” your default View option in Windows Explorer?

To set the default view option, Windows Explorer offers the following choices; Thumbnails, Tiles, Icons, List and Details. This tip shows you how to make List the default view .

To reset the default view, perform the following steps:

Open Windows Explorer. In this tip, the default setting is Icons, as shown below. We’ll change this to List.

Click the Tools menu and then Folder Options.


The Folder Options window appears. Click the View tab.

In the Advanced settings box, scroll down until you see Remember each folder’s view settings. Note that this option is selected. When this option is selected, Windows remembers the view option set for each folder.


To set the List option for all your folders, deselect (uncheck) the Remember each folder’s view settings option.


To make this setting take effect, click the OK button. The Folder Options window closes. Notice that the default view still hasn’t changed to List.

In Windows Explorer, click the View menu and then click List.


That’s it! Now, the List view is your default view setting.

Tip: To change the default view from List to any other view, you do not need to repeat the entire process. Simply perform the last step again and select the appropriate view.

To make this change in Vista, start by clicking the Organize button, found on the left side of the Toolbar. This will reveal the Folder and Search Options button. Once you click on that, you can then follow the directions above.

~Rupen Sharma