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Changing Your Android Wallpaper

It’s amazing how far technology has come in such a short time. It seems every few years some shiny new invention changes the way we see the world. Smartphones are the latest of these game changing technological wonders.  Sleek, stylish, powerful, and almost completely customizable.  The layout of the homepage on your android phone says a lot about you, in fact the only thing that says more is the picture behind it.

Here are a couple ways to change the wallpaper on smartphones using the Android operating system. 

On a blank area of the home screen, lay your finger down gently across the screen for 3-5 seconds. A menu will pop up. From this menu select wallpapers. 


From the next menu you can select from your gallery, live wallpapers, or wallpaper. The latter is just some stock wallpaper that comes with the phone.  Live wallpapers are fun to look at, but will drain your battery much faster. So rather than search for a power outlet several times a day, let’s stick with a more static background for now.  Choose gallery.  This will take you to your photo albums.   Flip through your photos until you find one you’re happy with, then tap the picture.  The yellow square in the center of your selected picture is for cropping. You can drag the square around the photo or place your finger on the sides of the square and by moving it up or down change the size.   Whatever is inside the square when you press the save button is what your homescreen wallpaper will be. Keep in mind when choosing your wallpaper that your homescreen is separated into 5 parts, and not all are visible at the same time.


You can also grab a wallpaper picture straight off the internet while browsing.  Just place your finger over the picture you want as your wallpaper for 2-5 seconds. Select set as wallpaper from the menu. Your phone will automatically crop the picture for you.

~Jon Kuhlman