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Chapter and Page numbers

Chapter Numbers Wanted

Do you frequently use MS Word to produce documents that contain chapters? Looking to use a more meaningful way to number your pages? Might I suggest that you use a page number / chapter number combination? Today, let’s consider the possibility.

First you’ll need a Word document that was created with chapters using the bullets and numbering feature. Wait! Hold on, there’s more. You can’t use just any numbering, you need to choose a format that Word can use to recognize the chapter beginnings.

In particular, we need to go to the Format menu, Bullets and Numbering choice, Outline Numbered tab and choose something that uses the notation of Headings in the example.


Once a document has been created with this type of structure, Word can recognize chapters and include them with the page numbers.

Now that we have a document with the necessary structure, it’s time to look for the page numbering stuff.

If you’re starting from a header or footer, then click the Format Page Number button. You’ll go directly to the Page Number Format window.

From within the document, you can go to the Insert menu, Page Numbers choice to begin your journey to the Page Number Format window.

When the Page Numbers window opens, it seems to be business as usual and mentions nothing about chapters.


What we’re looking for here is the Format button.

Now that we’re all in the same place (the Page Number Format window), you’re looking for the center section labeled Include chapter number.


When you check this option, the settings in that section become active.

In the Chapter starts with style field, choose what type of heading was used to begin each chapter.

In the Use separator field, choose the symbol you want to appear between your page number and the chapter number.

Then click OK.

In the Page Number window click OK again.

You’ll be returned to your document where the page numbers are no longer just page numbers. They’ve been joined by chapter numbers per your request.

Just a quick reminder: If you are using a view that doesn’t display headers and footers, then you may need to go to the Print Preview to see the results.

~ April