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Chasing the Frog

Movies that are based on true stories are often touching, but I usually find myself wondering just how much truth Hollywood captured in their portrayal of the story. At Chasing the Frog that is exactly what you can find out! This site is devoted to revealing just how true to the actual story the movies are.

On the main page you’ll find featured movies like Soul Surfer, The Fighter, Not Without my Daughter, and The Blindside, just to name a few. But if you want to check out more turn your attention to the right of the page where you will find the True Story Archives, an alphabetical listing of the movies they have investigated.

I checked out Not Without My Daughter first; it was a movie I had always wondered if it was really completely true. I was amazed at how thorough the site was in their investigation!

This site is certainly one to check out, and you might even want to bookmark it so that you can explore future investigations as new movies are released!