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Check & Change Your Dial-Up Number

It’s a good idea to periodically check the access number that you use to dial into your ISP. This is especially the case if your area code splits and your modem is set to dial the old area code it may be redirected to a long distance number. This happened a few years back in Rochester, NY causing huge phone bills.

Your ISP should have a list of access numbers, possibly on their website. Make sure that you pick one that is a local, non-toll call for you.

In Windows XP go to Start/Control Panel (in Category View go to “Network & Internet Connections”) then select “Internet Options”.

Click on the “Connections” tab then double left-click your default internet connection. In the settings window click “Properties” down by Dial-up settings (it’s right next to the User Name box).

Under “Phone Number” you’ll see the current number. Highlight and type over to change.


the nice thing about XP is that by hitting the “Alternates” button you can add other local numbers so that if one is busy it will try the next.

For Windows ME go to Start/Settings/Dial-up Networking. Double-click the default connection then select “Connect to”.


Next to “Phone Number”, highlight and type in the new number to change.

By periodically checking your access number you can avoid any “surprises” in your phone bill. This is also a good way to detect if any dialer malware have changed your settings.

~ David

P.S. If your area code changes from 7-digit to 10-digit dialing, check out this tip…

David Samuel Thomas

David Samuel Thomas