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Check for Corrupt System Files

Check for Corrupt System Files

Did you ever have the suspicion that one of your Windows system files was corrupt? Normally, this problem causes lots of frustration while you try to hunt down the impaired file or do a complete re-install of Windows. Well, hold your Install Disks! There’s another way.

Prior to Windows ME the operating system might overwrite shared system files (for example .dll and .exe files) when you install software. Overwritten system files cause unpredictable system performance, strange program behavior, and operating system failure.

If you’re using Windows 98 you have a way to repair these files with the System File Checker. Here’s how:

1. Click Start , Programs , Accessories , System Tools , System Information .
2. Once the System Info utility is running, click the Tools menu, System File Checker .
3. You will be presented with a screen that allows you to “scan all” to hunt for any altered files or to specify the problem file. Since you probably don’t know which file is giving you the headaches, scan for altered files .


That’s it. If there’s something wrong, you’ll be given instructions for repair.

One more thing, if the System Information program is not there, you’ll need to insert your Win98 install disk, select Add/Remove , and select System Information from the System Tools section.

~ Steve