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Check it Now

Do you like MS Outlook’s ability to check e-mail addresses on your messages then complete them or, if there are multiple contacts that could be used, have it give you the filtered list with only the contacts compatible with what you’ve typed?

Or have you never noticed that it does that as you enter addresses or when you hit the Send button?

Maybe you’ve never seen a window like this pop up:


But, if you’re like me and you have a lot of contacts then maybe you have. After a while the names do become similar and a little help in the area of finding the correct one is always appreciated.

Help that doesn’t require you to go through the hassle of opening your contact list is especially appreciated.

So, while Outlook has its own cues for checking e-mail names (called an e-mail completeness check) what I’d like to let you know today is that you can also force it to complete one whenever you want.

Simply use Alt + K anytime you like and Outlook will happily help you out by matching e-mail addresses to your address book and prompting you for more information when necessary.

~ April