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Check Only My Spelling

When you use MS Outlook 2007 to either forward or reply to a message are you ever astounded at the number of error the Spell Check finds … and most of them aren’t even yours!

I mean, it’s going through and checking absolutely everything, which means that you’re busy trying to correct the mistakes of others.

Now, maybe you don’t mind the all extra work but maybe you do …

So, you’ve got to wonder if there’s any way to tell Outlook to stop checking everyone else’s work and stick to just yours.

If that’s a sentiment you can definitely relate to then you’re in the right place.

We’re going to start in the Tools menu with the Options choice.

In the Options dialog box we need the Spelling tab.


Uncheck the “Ignore original message text in reply or forward” option and click OK.

That’s it – Spell Check will no longer ask you to correct someone else’s work – which is probably a good thing since we all have enough of our own work to get done each day.