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Chess is Fun

I enjoy the game of chess, but I’ve never really understood all the ins and outs of playing it. I decided that I should probably learn what it’s all about, so I went hunting for a good site to teach me about it.

This is that site. It is so informative, that even if you do know how to play you can pick up a few tips and tricks from this site!

Navigation is on the left side of the page, the right side of the page will display the information that you select from the left side. So if you click openings, the openings page will open in the left side and then anything you click in that section will be displayed on the right side.

There are tons of lessons that feature a lot of nice walkthroughs that actually show you the moves on the chess board and how those moves play out over time in the game.

This is an awesome site to learn chess from! Check it out today!