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Choose Your Destination

Choose Your Destination

Let’s see—a beautiful beach somewhere with a warm tropical breeze…

Keep dreaming.

Unfortunately, I’m not talking about a vacation destination (sorry to let you down). I’m talking about a destination in or out of your PowerPoint presentation that doesn’t happen to be the next slide.

We all know about hyperlinks in Web pages—got to love all links—just a quick click and boom, you’re off to the next best thing! (Well, OK, not a tropical beach or anything but somewhere else in the land of computers.)

But did you know you can use hyperlinks in MS PowerPoint?

That’s right—hyperlinks in PowerPoint!

“Click” and you’re off to somewhere new.

What does that mean for my PowerPoint people? Well quite a bit.

You’re no longer tied to the linear presentation. (You know, linear is slide 1 then slide 2 then slide 3… well, you get the idea… one slide after another.)

With the idea of a hyperlink you can choose to move anywhere inside or out of the presentation. It’s all about where you want to go next—not what slide is next in the lineup.

For example: using last Thursday’s idea of custom shows, you could have slides specific to a particular audience and use a hyperlink to get to them when presenting to that audience only. Then use another link back when the custom show is done. Otherwise, use a different hyperlink to skip around them.

Cool! Show what you want, when you need to, without re-working the presentation a million times.