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Chrome Form Autofill

The more I mess around with Google chrome, the more I like it. Just the other day I stumbled across the Autofill feature, which allows you to input your name and address info, so it only takes a single click to fill out all that information on a website. Here’s how you get to it:

First, open Chrome and click on the wrench icon in the upper right-hand corner. In the Options window that pops up, click the Personal Stuff tab and click on Autofill options in the Form autofill section.


Now, click Add address… (we’re going to skip Add credit card… for security reasons, but you get the picture.)


Now, simply fill out the necessary information and click Save when you’re done.  Note: You can add multiple addresses, if you want.


Now, when you go to add all that information (say, to register for a website), all you have to do is start typing in the first text field and the rest of the information should automatically pop into the correct fields! How absolutely awesome!


Note: You may still have to enter some information manually, especially if it uses a drop-down box for selection.

Still, it saves a bunch of time!