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Chrome Tab Navigation Shortcuts


Here are a few Google Chrome tab navigation shortcuts for the keyboard enthusiasts out there. However, these shortcuts aren’t limited to Chrome, as most will work in Firefox, and several in Internet Explorer and Opera.

To navigate eight tabs or fewer, hold the Ctrl key while pressing any number 1 through 8, to open the corresponding tab (from left to right).

Hold the Ctrl key and press 9, to be moved to the last tab on the right.

Ctrl+Shift+Tab shifts to the previous tab. Or, the previous tab can be reached using Ctrl+Page Up (PgUp)

To switch to the next tab, use Ctrl+Tab. Or the next tab can be accessed using Ctrl+Page Down (PgDn)

In order to use the PgDn and PgUp keys on the numeric keypad, Numbers Lock (NumLock) may have to be deactivated.

Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 will close the tab currently open.

Once on the desired tab, navigate up and down the webpage with the arrow keys.

For more mouse-free browser navigation suggestions, see the articles, Restore Last Tab [1] and Go Back without a Back Button [2].


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