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Circle Dock

Circle dock is an open source (free) program that allows you to that customize your files into a dock—a circle dock. Like rocket dock, circle dock gives computer users ease of access to their files and programs. However, circle dock is a bit more advanced than rocket dock, because the designs and the main functions of the programs require more tweaking. The following shows you how to install and use circle dock.

Step 1- Download circle dock

The first thing to do is to download circle dock. Circle dock can be found at this link:


Step 2- Install Circle Dock on your computer


Once the download is completed, locate the file and double-click to install it into your computer; it should take no more than 30 seconds. Just follow the prompts and you should be fine.

Step 3- Running circle dock


Once the circle dock is completely installed you are now ready to run and configure it. To run the program, click on the icon (it resembles a bubble). A circle with one ring will then pop on your screen now. You can now start customizing the program by dragging icons, folders, and files from desktop into the ring. You can have a maximum of 50 items per ring, and you can customize how much items that can be on one ring.

Step 4- Customizing circle dock

To change the settings for circle dock, simply right click on the circle and select “dock settings”. You will have the option to change the shape, animation, items, etc.

Circle dock VS Rocket dock

So, which is better, circle dock or rocket dock? It all depends on what your preferences are. If you are looking for simplicity and little RAM usage it is recommended to use rocket dock. If you are looking for style, elegance, and more tweaking; it is recommended to use circle dock.

~Jean-Baptiste Juderson