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Citizen Science Center

Do you know what citizen science is? I didn’t until I checked out this site. Citizen science is used on this blog as a way to describe everyday people conducting science experiments (basically science done by people who do not hold science degrees). Want to know more? Well check out the About section of this site and you will! 

The site relays information blog style with each entry devoted to something that is not only scientific but also something the average citizen can participate in. To navigate through the posts, just scroll down the page and use the Older Posts or Newer Posts at the bottom the page to navigate back and forth through the past entries.

Want to know your flora and fauna better? Well if you have an iPhone or iPad you can find a nifty app called Leafsnap. Want to know where you can get free science education? Check out the entry with a listing of places you can start a Science education for free. Are you interested in Astronomy? Well then you should meet LARI (the Lowell Amateur Reasearch Initiative) where the Lowell Insititue brings together professional and amateur astronomers to do astronomy research. This is something I have a burgeoning interest in, my Astronomy class this semester has really captured my attention. 

This site is full of awesome science resources so go check them out today!  

http://www.citizensciencecenter.com/ [1]