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Civil War Trust

The 150th anniversary of the Civil War is this year, so I thought I would find a great Civil War site to share with you. What I discovered was an awesome site that is focused on the battles of the war, and brings them to you with the latest technology so that you can watch interesting, animated maps!

There are a couple ways to navigate. I started by checking out all the nifty stuff featured on the main page, but there is also a menu along the top of the page with Maps, Photos, Books, Battle Apps, Blogs, Battlefields, Land Preservation, Education, and About Us.

I am a map lover, so I started in the map section. I really love this because you can see how the battle fronts progressed and listen informative narration on the battle you’re watching.

Another really neat feature of this site that I was interested in was the Battle Apps. They are available for iPhones, Android, and Google Play enabled devices -and they’re free! There are five to pick from: Malvern Hill, Chancellorsville, Bull Run, Devil’s Den and Little Round Top (my favorite), and Fredericksburg.

I also really enjoyed the Photos section. They showcase both historical and contemporary photographs of battlefields, forts, and more. They even offer a 3D section!

This site is an excellent way to explore the Civil War maps, battlefields, and even applications for your phone! Check it out today!

http://www.civilwar.org/ [1]