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Clean It Up

Ever feel overwhelmed by all the formatting you’ve applied to your MS Word document?

I bet you’ve often wished for a quick way to start over. That is, to strip the text of all the special formatting and start completely over. You know, start with a clean slate (without undoing each format change individually) so you can create consistent formatting throughout the document.

I’m sure many of you are thinking that you could simply select the entire document (Ctrl + A) and then undo the formatting that way.

Which, of course works, but I still don’t want to spend my time reversing bold, then italics, then font type, then font size and on and on.

So, if you’re using a newer version of MS Word (one with a Task Pane), give this a try.

First, open the Task Pane to Styles and Formatting if it’s not already displayed. (Format menu, Styles and Formatting choice).

Now, select the entire document (Ctrl + A).

With the text selected, choose Clear Formatting from the Task Pane.

Voila! The text is cleaned of all formatting with one quick move!

~ April