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Clean Out Your Firefox Bookmarks

Ted from NY asks:

What’s a good way to go about cleaning out my Firefox bookmarks?

No matter how well they’re organized, searching through piles of accumulated Firefox bookmarks can be challenging. If this is a familiar challenge, it might be time to get the shovel out and do some cleaning. After all, how many times have you actually watched that William Hung “She Bangs” [1] video that you bookmarked in 2004? Fortunately, we have some relatively painless procedures for sifting out the debris.

Begin in the bookmarks library. The quickest–and most easily forgotten–way to access the library is by using the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+B.

An effective way to determine their importance is to display how recently, and how often, bookmarked sites were visited. To view this information, right-click the column header and check Visit Date and Visit Count. Then, click one of those headers to sort bookmarks by that criteria.


If an entire section of a list can be deleted, click the first item and, while holding the Shift key, click the last item, to select everything in between.  If there’s a keeper hiding in there, holding the Ctrl key, while clicking an item, will deselect that item.

Then, right-click on the list and select Delete from the context menu.


Opening all bookmarks in tabs is a more visual approach that helps reveal unwanted or inactive bookmarks.

Right click on a folder and select Open All in Tabs.


The tabs will open from left to right, in the order they’re listed, making them easier to find and delete. For those more difficult to identify, scroll up and down the list with the arrow keys and compare the URL in the Location: field to the one in the address bar.


If one folder contains too many to open at once, multiple bookmarks can be selected from within a folder and opened, again using the Shift and Ctrl keys to select and deselect multiple items.


Now that you’ve cleaned out your Firefox bookmarks, it’s time to tackle that refrigerator.