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Clean Up Copied Text From The Internet

Clean It Up!

Ever copy text from the Internet or an e-mail into MS Word?

Did something come along with the text that you weren’t necessarily expecting or hoped wouldn’t?

Yeah – I hear you – all those hyperlinks are a big pain at this point, aren’t they?

I mean, you’ve got the information in Word, you’re creating a document (not a web page), you have all these hyperlinks causing different font colors and underlining where it’s not wanted or needed.

Now what?

Well, we could go through and right-click on each and every hyperlink and choose Remove Hyperlink from the menu…

No – that’s not for me either. Anything else?

I do have a few suggestions so I thought that we could take a look at those.

The first suggestion is to use Window’s Notepad program as an intermediary between the original text and Word.

After copying the text paste it into a blank Notepad file. (Automatically Notepad will strip all the formatting when the text is pasted.)

To finish up, copy the text from Notepad and paste it into Word.

My next two suggestions go straight from the source to Word.

In both scenarios you would copy the text and paste it into Word. With the text selected in Word give one of these two a try:

Ctrl + Spacebar will strip all formatting from the text.

Ctrl + Shift + F9 will remove all the hyperlinks from the text leaving the other formatting alone.

No matter how you look at it – these techniques are worth a try because any of them would have to be a better plan that removing hyperlinks one at a time!

~ April