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Clean Your Computer

I was having a problem with a mouse last week and the inside of my computer needed cleaning. This seemed like a good idea to solve both problems—what do you think?


First off, we love the picture :-) However, we have to say that we do not recommend putting live animals (or dead ones for that matter) in your computer. They tend to generate static electricity which could destroy components. Although, you gotta admit, it is cute.

Speaking of static electricity… you should first ground yourself any time you open your computer to upgrade memory or clean it out. The easiest way to ground yourself is to touch the metal part of your computer. (That’s why they put the metal there :-) If you are really worried about static, there are grounding straps that you can attach to your wrist if you are doing alot of repair / maintenance, or building your own PC.

Also be sure to unplug your computer if you are opening the case since some components stay charged even when the power switch is off. You can just unplug the power cord from back of the computer if you want.

Follow these basic tips before you open up that computer to assure that you get your system purring like a kitten (sorry, I couldn’t resist). The picture “Kitten Inside” was sent to us by Ric, a loyal Computer Tips reader. Thanks!

~ David